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Comments from those who have read Louie the Bee: The Insects Prevail.

This is an outstanding book and I enjoyed reading it."  Bob Harvey, QSO, JP. -  Mayor Waitakere City Auckland New Zealand

"It was a great read, and certainly had some good messages for a better quality of life.  I'm really impressed that you've had such a great idea, then been able to carry it through to fruition - it's a great achievement."

"Here is a fabulous product and I am sure it would make an excellent film by Pixar or Dreamworks as an animated childrens' movie that adults will enjoy too."

"I love Dave's book. I bought it from Barnes & Noble on the Net and am delighted with the larger print. Right away I was chuckling over the adaptations to the world of insects, and it has kept me captivated as the stories unfold.  What an imagination, and so much solid technological facts as well."

"I love the 10 Ants, the Nest Cafe, Fly TV and KGB;  The smell phones, TG Tips tea, and FONY & the gaptops.
I have yet to look up the piezoelectric effects concerning quartz. I'm like Louie, not being good at science, but boy, I am really impressed with Dave’s endeavours and the success of being published."

"Louie The Bee introduced me to a world of characters that live by their courage, humour, determination and thoughtfulness. The stream and bush setting of the story captured my imagination and carried me to a world that I was sad to leave.The detail of the story line is amusing, exciting and at times touching and sensitive.
From chocolate cake with red wine to where a community respects and lives by the true values in life. This - the story of “Louie The Bee” is a great read and one that I did not want to end."

Two comments about the second book (the World Belongs to the Insects):

"It is a really good story - even better than the first I think.  What you have done is a real achievement Dave.  You should be really proud of yourself!"

"A surprising revelation..... such a vivid imagination, and moral thoughts included."
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If life is getting you down - why not read Louie the Bee - let's change our attitudes and start making the world a better place in which to live!
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